Speakers For Music Production

Speakers For Music Production

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Hey, everybody, I’m Avi from AudioStreets and I have been a music producer for the last 15 years. This is my take on speakers for music production. First I have to say that when I’m buying speakers I’m not buying them for mixing as a first goal. For me, the main purpose of a good speaker is that it will be fun to produce music on. That is why I think that any studio, small or big should have a few pairs of monitors but this is all pointing out the obvious of course, let’s get to the good stuff!

In today’s world of music production there is no shortage in good monitors
But it’s important to know that most of all, choosing the right monitor is based on personal taste. YEP.
Because we all hear a little different so it’s only natural that we’d have different preferences.

Every time I go to a music store I go directly to the monitors room to hear their speakers.
And almost every time I listen to speakers the best sounding speakers for me are not the most expensive ones. Before you choose the right speaker for yourself, you have to ask yourself a few questions:

1. What are the dimensions of your room, is it big? medium? or a small room?
2. What is your main reason for buying the speakers?
3. How far do you want to sit from the speakers?
4. what genre of music are you planning to produce?

I assume most of you have small rooms and you’re going to need a near field monitor.
But if it’s not the case, I’ll write a post about bigger setups in the near future.

So I’ll quickly go over the answers:

1. As I said I write this post assuming that you are sitting in a relatively small room, 10fit X 13fit more or less.
in this case, we are talking only on near-field monitors or smaller. any monitor bigger then that will not have the proper space to develop the right sound at the sweet spot.

2. The reason should be based on music producing needs but almost any studio monitor is good enough for mixing & mastering.

3. When we are talking about near field monitors and getting the best out of the speaker in the sweet spot, the sitting distance from the speakers should be approximately 4 to 6 fit away. Any other distance and you will not get the optimal performance out of the speaker.

4. This one is based only on personal opinion, I believe that genre is a very important factor when looking for the right monitor. There are a few studio speaker companies that are known to be preferred by different artists in different genres. This should not be a real factor unless it gives you another good reference point, and it does. When you’re using a monitor that a lot of artists in your genre use, it gets you even closer.

I know that not everybody is going to agree with me on this, and that’s why I said, this is a personal opinion.
Do what’s best for you. Now the list for my favorite Speakers For Music Production.

This list is not taking the budget factor into consideration.

Best Speakers For Music Production

Yamaha HS8

I was never a Yamaha fanboy when it comes to speakers, wasn’t on the NS10 train also… but this monitor is really special, it is just so much fun to work with. It would not be my first or even my 4th choice for mixing and mastering because It sounds so big and crazy fun!
But “FUN” is exactly why it would be my first choice for music production. It is built in a traditional way in an MDF box with simple controls on the back. The best thing about this speaker is the amount of level you can get out of it without distorting the signal. It also feels like it wants you to crank up the levels to a proper working level to really get the best out of it. This monitor is a little bigger then the others, it has an 8″ woofer and a dome tweeter. This woofer size can really make you feel the bass thump in your chest and this is why I chose it over its little brothers. It looks kinda like the NS10 which I like, It is a good look for the studio in my opinion. The HS8 range goes down to 35hz which will rattle all your doors and will open all the screws in your house. The HS8 is significantly cheaper than the others on this list but it is like the underground opponent that came in from nowhere and gained a lot of respect just for being that good.
I must say that I loved on most genres although it sounded a bit too aggressive for acoustic stuff. Just my opinion.
In the end, this is a really great monitor to produce music on or just listen to music. It’s going to be so much fun! YEAHHH!

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Dynaudio BM5 MKIII

I have an Israeli friend who is making trance music. Israel is considered to be one of the biggest exporters of trance music.
Every trance guy I ever knew is working with the Dynaudios and swear by it like it’s the holy grail of all studio monitors.
After a few years of knowing that, I had to test it for myself. I went to the store and got a pair of BM5 MKIII for a week of testing before buying. After one week with this speaker, I’ve come to the conclusion that the hype was true! I absolutely loved it. At first, it sounded a little two dimensional and flat but in time I’ve learned to work with it and couldn’t let go.
It has a great filtering system on the back panel, great sounding tweeter, very punchy bass and clear mid range.
I did not have the need to use my sub with this monitor because it feels like it gets low enough.
I could work for hours without getting that familiar ear fatigue that I was getting with a lot of other speakers.
I didn’t end up buying it but I wouldn’t hesitate the next time I have the opportunity. You can also check out the Dynaudio BM6A on Amazon.

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Adam A7x

This one is a little different. Usually, I don’t go for the flat sounding monitor and I don’t really care for accuracy once I get to know the speaker and my room better. Adam A7x was my main monitor for a few years and I had a weird relationship with it. I didn’t automatically like it, it was a little painful on the high end and weak on the low end. Adam’s tweeters are known to be crazy hard to a degree that a lot of times I used to put a little filter on the tweeter to soften them a bit. Also the bass does not go low enough and it is not that punchy. But boy, did I produce the best sounding mixes ever on them! it is so accurate and clear, I could hear long reverb tails even under a whole pumping mix.
I’m able to hear even the slightest EQ compression changes. The whole midsection from 500hz up to 6K is so on point that I didn’t want to replace it even tho I didn’t really like it. But I have to say that in my electronic music era I really needed a sub along with the A7x cause I wanted to feel that satisfying “thump” in the chest. I just needed more bass to help me feel and enjoy the music while producing it. Bottom line, the Adam A7x is amazing but It would not be my first speaker for music production. It will be my absolute first choice for checking my mixes tho 🙂

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Genelec 8040B

Now, this speaker is amazing, I fell in love with the Genelec company when I first heard them in the store next to all the others. I started with their little model, the 8020A and I swear it sounded “bigger” then the other physically bigger speakers around it. It a was clean, sharp and a beautiful sounding speaker. I was listening to a movie score that I liked. You could hear the orchestra and the huge recording spaces, everything was 3D in the most impressive way possible from a speaker this size. Then I switched to some EDM and although it still sounded amazing for its size, the kicks and basses had almost zero balls. So I switched to it’s bigger brother, The 8030A and WOW! This is without a doubt the most impressive monitor I’ve listened to inside this store that day. So I decided to stretch my budget a little more and got the 8040B. This is a real piece of art in my humble opinion. A proper studio reference monitor. Like it’s little brothers it is made out of aluminium and is designed so well that if you closed your eyes you would never believe it’s that small. It was punchy with a clear midsection and brilliant highs. I can work for days on this beast and never get tired. This is definitely my first choice for music production purposes. Also, it does not fall short in the mix department. If I could pick only one speaker this is the one.

That’s it for now, guys, thanks for reading.

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