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10 Best Dynamic Microphones for Vocals - Live & Studio!

As a musician, hearing your music played back is vital to improving your overall sound. The best way to make that happen of course is to record your sessions and play them back and, to do that, you’ll need a very good dynamic microphone. I would even call it a high-end dynamic microphone, which leads to the question; which high-end dynamic microphone is the best?

There are many dynamic microphones to choose from, and every musician has their favorite, which makes choosing the right one a bit difficult. Since you can use a dynamic microphone to record practically any instrument or vocal, from amplifiers to duets and everything in between, knowing a little about each is the best place to start when searching for yours.

That’s the best part about dynamic microphones actually because once you own one you won’t have to purchase another. Their versatility makes them an excellent investment, which is easy to see when you’re playing and you change instruments since you won’t need to change mics mid-session. Dynamic microphones are highly coveted by musicians, so read below to decide which is best for your particular style.

Pyle-Pro Professional Microphone

For excellent sound at an even better price, the Pyle-Pro mic is a great choice. It’s a handheld dynamic mic that comes with a cardioid pattern many musicians prefer because off-axis sounds are rejected before they can distort your clean sounds. Singular, no-disturbance recording is preferred by many musicians, and the Pyle-Pro leans into this preference by keeping both vocals and instruments clear while reducing background noise significantly.

Its heavy-duty design makes the Pyle-Pro one of the best microphones for constant traveling and also gives it excellent moisture resistance. It’s also one of the top mics for recording both live and amplified instruments, with an integrated windscreen and pop filter. This makes the Pyle-Pro Professional a great choice for a wide variety of recording situations and one of the most convenient models on this list.


  • Comes with an integrated pop filter and wind screen
  • Well designed and highly durable
  • Comes complete with cable

We Like the Pyle-Pro Professional Because:

One of the main reasons we like this mic is simply that, compared to other, more expensive and higher-end microphones, it comes with features they seem to lack. (Hello pop filter!) With an affordable price tag and high-end features, it’s easy to see why the Pyle-Pro made it onto Amazon’s Top 10 list of mics!

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Audio-Technica ATR 2100

If you’re purchasing your very first mic and want to start strong, the ATR 2100 from Audio-Technica is a great choice. A handheld microphone, this model comes with an included USB output, making it easy to record digital music straight to your computer or laptop. If you’re going live you also get an included XLR output so that, during live performances, you can plug the ATR 2100 into a traditional mic input.

With a very smooth frequency and 2 variable outputs, the ATR 2100 is a great choice for recording everything from vocals to podcasts and, of course, instrumentals. The ATR 2100 is also perfect for both indoor and outdoor recording, making it a good choice for anyone trying to expand their musical horizons. Need to check your mic output and keep delays to a minimum? It’s no problem with ATR 2100’s built-in headphone jack and, with the aforementioned cardioid pattern, all unwanted noise from the front or back will be greatly reduced.

One last thing the Audio-Technica ATR 2100 comes with is a convenient mic stand and, with its ability to filter out all those unwanted noises and capture your music crisply and cleanly, it’s a great choice for 1st-time buyers.


  • Comes with USB output, headphone jack and mic stand
  • Provides a very clean, smooth output
  • Rejects unwanted sounds with a built-in cardioid pattern

We Like the Audio-Technica ATR 2100 because;

For live indoor and outdoor recording, the ATR 2100 is a great choice, especially if you’re new to the industry. With a crisp, clean output due to its cardioid pattern, this is one microphone that you’ll be glad you purchased and is an excellent investment in your music career.

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Shure PG58-XLR

Don’t let the lower price of the Shure PG58-XLR fool you. At a very reasonable $50.00 you might think it’s ‘cheap’ but you’d be wrong, as this mic packs a potent punch. If you’re looking for good quality at an affordable price, it’s a fine choice that’s been tailored to give great sound reproduction with an extended frequency that’s especially smooth for a microphone in this price range.

To pick up sound coming directly from the front while also ignoring any side and background noises, the Shure PG58-XLR uses a quality cardioid pattern that can handle aggressively high volume but still deliver a distortion-free sound that’s low on skewed noises.

The PG58-XLR also reduces your music very faithfully, from E notes at the high end down to a melancholic ballad with deep-end G. The PG58-XLR has been built to handle life on the road and is one of the sturdiest mics we tested at this price range.


  • Offers a solid, sturdy construction for heavy use
  • Has excellent sound capturing versatility
  • Superb price/feature combination

We Like the Shure PG58-XLR because;

If high-quality sound and sturdy construction are what you want in your recording studio (and who doesn’t), the PG58-XLR from Shure is a great choice. It will help you expand your musical horizons and give you sound and durability that are far above its price tag.

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Behringer Ultravoice XM 8500

With many of the best mics on the market, Behringer has an all-around appeal for musicians of all genres. The XM 8500 offers an excellent sound range, easily capturing both your vocals and instrumentals without interference or delays from unwanted noise and sounds. Plus, with its very reasonable price, the XM 8500 is an excellent choice for musicians on a tight budget, offering very good quality with faithfull recording and output abilities. As microphone investments go, the Behringer Ultravoice XM 8500 is a top pick.

In musician circles, you’ll find that the XM 8500 is highly praised because it offers a lot of features for a mic at this price. As a musician who’s just starting, or just beginning to play live, the Ultravoice XM 8500 is a very good choice and will serve you well for years to come.

For musicians that simply don’t have $500 to drop on a microphone but still want highly accurate sound reproduction, this microphone is a very good choice. We’ve seen it on sale for as low as $30.00! Just keep in mind that, once they hear it, your bandmates are going to want to steal it for themselves!


  • Excellent sound reproduction for a very low price
  • Sound output is very high-end
  • Comes with an included Mic mount

Why we Like the Behringer Ultravoice XM 8500

With the 2nd-place spot on Amazon’s ‘dynamic mic’ category, Behringer has shown the music world that lower-priced microphones still have a lot to offer. Many who purchase the Ultravoice XM 8500 are surprised that such a low-priced mic can deliver such high-quality sound and, for that reason, it’s become very popular.

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Shure SM7B


Already appearing once on this list, Shure makes microphones that are used by professionals in every facet of the music industry. Providing excellent quality, you’ll find that most Shure mics are a bit more expensive than the competition, but for good reason, as they will last through years of hard usage and give you the ultimate in HD sound quality.

The Shure SM7B is one of their best, providing an especially crisp and clean output with a flat frequency and very little if any, delay. There’s no need to worry that your mic will skew or distort your sound when you’re using the SM7B as it precisely reproduces both vocals and instrumentals. From belting out show tunes to letting fly on your electric guitar, the Shure SM7B will give you excellent sound reproduction with none of the distortion or background noise.

Some users may note that, in the past, Shure mics had a tendency to reproduce an electromagnetic hum, but that’s been solved with the SMB7 and, whether there’s a smartphone, monitor or any other device causing a hum, you’ll be completely shielded from it with the Shure SMB7.


  • A very wide frequency range
  • Reduced electromagnetic hum from other devices
  • Unwanted sound rejection using cardioid pattern

Why we Like the Shure SMB7

Shure has given the industry many great mics and the SMB7 is no exception. It captures your music crisply and clearly, with little to no disturbance or interference. Plus, with its removable windscreen, nearly all plosives produced by singing and talking are removed.

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The AKG D5


Overall one of the best microphone brands, AKG is also one of the most popular brands on the market today, delivering excellent sound quality for a very affordable price, an excellent combination for any musician both experienced and new to the recording industry.

Manufactured with a solid, durable construction, the AKG D5 will take a beating and keep on recording, every time, making it a great choice for taking on the road. The AKG D5 has also been re-released with a new cardioid pattern that makes feedback with high gain possible, making it perfect for female vocals or high-frequency sounds (although, truth-be-told, it’s not the best for male vocals and leaves them sounding a bit muddy).

With a wide dynamic range that delivers an outstanding balance of power, warmth, feedback, and clarity, the AKG D5 makes a great traveling mic, providing fantastic results at an affordable price.



  • Solid, sturdy construction for years of use
  • Clear feedback that comes through fast
  • Delivers a warm, clear and potent response

Why we Like the AKG D5

A dominant force in the music industry, AKG delivers another solid mic with the AKG D5. Very little distortion, a clear, warm response and crisp, smooth feedback set it apart from the rest, with a potent and powerful response that’s one of the industry’s best.

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Shure SM57-LC


Looking for a microphone bundle that will provide all the recording gear you need at an affordable price? Then look no further than the Shure SM57-LC! This is the perfect choice if you’re just starting in live performing, as the mic itself is excellent and it comes with a cable and stand, which means you won’t have to stress trying to find all of those devices separately.

Shure gives you several options to choose from so that you can ‘mix and match’ your preferred devices and accessories. You can choose from a bundle that includes a stand, windscreen, and cable, or a bundle that comes without a cable, and even a bundle that comes with an XLR to USB adaptor (as well as their standard, but superb, full mic bundle).


  • Bundles make it easier to choose the best combo
  • Excellent background noise reduction
  • Top-notch vocals and sound reproduction

Why we Like the Shure SM57-LC

Shure has made it much easier for beginners to get started with little or no stress finding the right combination of devices and accessories using their bundled options. In fact, for beginners, the SM57-LC is the best choice, with everything you need to get started recording and performing to a live audience already included. That and its durability make the Shure SM57-LC a top mic choice.

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Made to rival the biggest names in the microphone industry, MXL produces dynamic mics that are some of the most sought after in the music business. The BCD-1 is no exception, delivering a bright, warm sound while also instantly eliminating almost 100% of background noises. Any bounce back and side noises that might occur during recording are completely ignored by the BCD-1 while it focuses on the main source, whether that’s your voice or the instrumentals. For musicians playing in noisy garages, the MXL BCD-1 is a great choice that will ensure your voice and music are isolated from everyone else who’s playing.

One small drawback the BCD-1 does have however is that it was developed to isolate close-proximity sounds, making it a not-so-great choice if you’re recording, for example, a choir or quartet. That being said, the BCD-1 reproduces bass very well, and higher sound too, with very little unwanted noise or feedback. To keep it looking and working well for years MXL also delivers the BCD-1 with a high-quality foam padded case.


  • Rejects side and background noise extremely well
  • Very god main sound source isolation
  • Comes with a foam-padded case

Why we Like the MXL BCD-1

The BCD-1 is one of MXL’s top-rated mics, with excellent main sound isolation and rejection of side and background noise. Throw in a padded case and the MXL BCD-1 is a microphone that will serve you well for years to come.

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Shure SM58S


Another top entry from Shure, the SM58S can come with or without the on/off switch, cable and USB to XLR adaptor so that, like their other entries, picking a mic and accessories is much easier and faster. Simply choose what you need and Shure takes care of the rest.

The SM58S comes with an improved bass roll and midrange for greater accuracy, with a cardioid that isolates the main vocals or instrumentals well. The included windscreen and pop filter also help to deliver clear, clean and crisp sounds no matter where or what you’re recording.


  • Bundle options galore
  • Ultimate control with the on/off switch
  • Wind and pop filter included

Why we Like the Shure SM58S

With no delay and a smooth, clear delivery inside or outside, the Shure SM58S is a fantastic mic. Throw in the bundle options that get you started stress-free and it’s a fine microphone choice, especially for newbies.

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Sennheiser E835


One of the best in the music industry, Sennheiser has been producing excellent dynamic microphones that deliver top value and quality since 2005. (They also produce top-quality headphones.) With all the features you could ask for, the Sennheiser E835 also offers a cardioid pattern that ignores all useless and unwanted background and side noise, especially for those times when you’re directly in front of the mic. It also delivers a lot of raw power, something your bandmates might have to get used to if you’re unwilling to adjust the output rate.


  • Very powerful sound boosting abilities
  • Little or no distortion and/or delay
  • Smooth, clean and crisp output

Why we Like the Sennheiser E835

As microphone investments go, the E835 is the best of the bunch, with power to spare. Many customers report that their Sennheisers have gone 10 years or more without a problem, making the Sennheiser E835 an excellent choice for long-term performance, power, and durability.

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10 Best Dynamic Microphones for Vocals – Live & Studio 2020


No matter which of the above dynamic microphones you choose you’ll be getting a mic that delivers great sound quality and reproduction. We hope this article has given you the information you need to make the best choice for your musical needs, and invite you to leave questions or comments below.

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